Music Room wide angle view, Villa Petschek, Prague, Czech Republic, 2018. Photographed by Yiqi Zhao.

The music room is located at the Northwest corner of the building. This opulent space is off to the side of the main areas. When first entering into the room the light colors and gold detailing bring an elegance to the room that is not found elsewhere in the house. This house both serves to impress guests while relaxing to the piano playing. The green walls accompanied by the gold painted wall trim make the overall atmosphere warm and cozy. The ground floor—on which the room is situated—served social functions, while the first floor was reserved for the family of Otto Petschek. The ground level plan is separated by a long and curved gallery. There are four rooms on the south side: the State Dining Room, the Gold Room, the Winter Garden, the Red Room, and the Library. On one side of all these rooms are uniform windows that face the garden and on the other side of these rooms there are doors entering the Gallery. To the north of the Gallery, there are five enclosed spaces and two open terraces. The west side has several conjoined utility rooms: the Service Room, the Food Prep Room, and the Closet. The center is the Rotunda space, which connects the Gallery and the North Entrance. The North Entrance has a large three-sided stair. The two open terraces are sandwiching the Rotunda. There are two entrance hall towards the north of the open terraces. The East Entrance Hall connects the Rotunda and the Music Room. Between the Music Room and the Gallery is the Main Stairway to the upper floors. The stairway space has windows open to a an exterior terrace below.

Just like some of the other rooms in the Villa, the physical structure of the Music Room is framed. The walls in the space vary from interior to the exterior, with the exterior wall width measuring up to 1 m and the interior wall width measuring to 0.7 m. Fashioned in the Rococo style, the room is constructed in a symmetrical plan. The floors of the Music Room are most likely made of mahogany wood and laid in a parquet pattern, which is common for the Rococo style. However, at the center of the room there is a large tan and brown area rug covering the majority of the wood floor. The walls are painted a light green and are heavily ornamented with gilded boiserie in the Rococo style. The boiserie creates three individual wall panels; a larger center panel with a medallion at the center that is flanked by two smaller panels on either side. Motifs of shells, acanthus leaves, Rocaille, ‘C’ scrolls, ‘S’ scrolls and flowers are most prominently displayed on and around the doors, windows and walls. This ornamentation spans from the floor all the way to the celling. There is also a large mirror framed by boiserie on the northwest wall and three Rococo Style tapestries above the closet and entry doors. The Verengeville Room in the Hotel de Varengeville is a qualified precedent for this space.